5 free Macbook Pro Apps(must-have) for Web software developer

Being a developer, there are plenty of applications I've tried on my macbook pro before moving on to the stable apps which is comfortable and tick all the boxes of its basic functionalities. Most of the work is done by the built-in apps such as terminal, Console log, etc. Below is the list of 5 free Macbook Pro Apps which is used daily to complete the task lists.

The most popular FTP solution available to connect and modify files on the server.

  • Visual Studio Code

    Tried several editors such as Emacs, Geany, Sublime, etc but my requirements of a complete package of IDE was met when I installed VSCode on my machine. Personally, there are a couple of things I look out for in an editor, eg

    • List of declared functions/methods available at the left of the IDE.
    • Dark mode with smooth scrolling up and down the file.
    • Access to multiple files in a single display.
    • Ease and flexibility in configuring the keyboard shortcuts.

    and the above editor seems to provide more than the listed features.


  • Sequel Pro

    Probably, the best available app to access the server databases.

    • List of favorites can be configured so we don't have to enter the server details all the time.
    • Supports both local and SSH connection.
    • Multiple connections can be opened in a single app.
    • DML operations, inline edit, etc are easily handled to modify the table contents.


  • FileZilla

    The most popular FTP solution available to connect and modify files on the server.

    • Able to connect to SSH server using a single passphrase option.
    • Can upload and download files using the same UI interface.
    • Multiple connections can be opened in a single display.
    • Edit the files using our favorite editor on local and upload the same after making the required changes. 


  • Todoist

    Built-in Notes app is too basic on MacBook. Todoist is a perfect replacement for the same. It helps in keeping our to-do list in place, can add the task easily and also tick the ones that are completed.


  • Slack

    This might be the most popular app to help discuss task related stuffs around the world with our team. The free version provide the accessibility to search for the last 10,000 messages in the discussion room.

Side Note: MAMP is a required app to install if you are in PHP dev environment.