Bobby XD-Design Anti-theft laptop backpack Review

After looking at various options for a backpack and searching for around 10-15 days, I finally settled down with purchasing Bobby XD-Design anti-theft which includes some good features and stylish design making it the best bag for my usage.

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The best thing apart from the material is it comes with a scratch card with 16-digit code which you can use it to verify on their official site verification page. I've completed the process and confirm that the product is original. Not sure why most of the reviewers on Amazon have received a blue color inside the bag. Mine it is grey which is shown on the official xd-design site. Below are some pictures which I've taken to give an idea of how it looks.

Bobby XD-design side2Bobby XD-design frontBobby XD-design side
Bobby XD-design codeBobby XD-design backBobby XD-design inner look

Bobby XD-design inner look 2

Bobby XD-Design Review

As seen from the pictures above, this backpack has some solid and elegant design which looks classy as well as professional. Some main features of this product are -

  • Great looks with minimal design.

  • Completely theft-proof. You don't really need to worry about someone accessing from the back while you're wearing it.

  • USB port on the outside so you can charge your phone on the go.

  • 3 hidden pockets on the outside to access your wallet, card, phone, etc.

  • Rain cover is included.

  • Trolley holder is attached at the back.

  • 180-degree opening so you can access things quickly once you've kept the bag opened on your table.

The backpack is too good but every product has a con so here are they -

  • If you don't really care about the Anti-theft thing, don't prioritize this bag as you don't get the flexibility to access the quick pockets easily.

  • Not too many pockets inside, so you need to get another gadget organizer to keep your things like cables, laptop chargers, etc.

  • The zippers are not very user-friendly, you need to reach to the bottom of the bag every time you need something kept in the main compartment.

  • No water bottle mesh holder on the outside. You can keep it inside but there's always a risk of spilling. Make sure to tighten the cap carefully before keeping it in the bag.