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Match Case?

Find & Replace Text Online

The best online text replacement tool that is easy & free to use.

How to use?

  • You can copy & paste your required text in the first text area above, or you can simply type your cool stuff into it.
  • Enter the text in the second field ("Find What?" column) that you want to find in the given content.
  • Enter the value in the third field ("Replace With?" column) that you want the string to be replaced with.
  • That's it - the replaced value will be instantly displayed in the last text area field. You can copy the replaced content.
  • Note that the replacement is done case-insensitive by default. Eg Both "Name" and "name" would be replaced in the above content. To make the matching case-sensitive, enable the above checkbox "Match Case?".
To count characters and words, use character count online tool.

Does it work on Mobile, or any other device?

Find & Replace Text Online works on all devices connected to the internet :).