How to host your site for free using Hostinger

Hostinger is a website which provides a very good platform to register your domain and host your site. If you already have a domain, it also lets you link your existing domain to the website hosted on it. There are a couple of hosting plans which are displayed on the front page for you to choose as per your requirements. But if you're looking for completely free hosting of your website, it can be done using 000webhost which is powered by the same company. Provided the site you need to host is small in space and number of files are not more than 20k. Below are the steps to proceed in how to host your site for free using Hostinger -

Steps to host your site for free using Hostinger-

  • Navigate to
  • Choose your country from the top left menu bar.
  • Signup for free using the button displayed on the page. You can also use Facebook or Google to make your signup process faster.
  • After you are logged into the website, Click on the Build Website button on the top right corner of the page.
Host your site for free using Hostinger
  • Enter website name and password used to access your website.
  • After you click Create button from the above popup, a website link will be created. This is actually useful as you can see your website in action after you replace your files in the File Manager.
  • Click on Manage Website.
  • Here you are provided with various options where the steps are self-explanatory. We will proceed with the option to upload our own website. Click on Upload Now button.
  • This takes you to File Manager where you need to upload all the files that you've on your local machine to this server.
  • Click on the Upload Files link icon on the top right and upload the zip file of your main folder website.
  • After the zip is uploaded, right click on the file and select Extract from the option displayed.
  • If you get an error in the extraction process, eg Disk Quota exceeded, you probably have exceeded the space consumed by your folder. Click on General => Statistics to view which quota is occupied 100% of the space.
  • IF the extraction is complete, your site files are placed correctly on this folder. Bingo, now be ready to move on to the next step of importing your database file in the phpmyadmin screen.
  • To do that, Click on Website Manager => Database Manager menu link.
  • Add a new Database with username and password. 
  • Click on Manage => phpMyAdmin which takes you to the database UI to import your database file on the server.
  • Click on Import tab => Choose file from your computer and import the database.
  • Congratulations, your site is now ready to be viewed on the website link provided in step 6.